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Tianshui Tianguang semiconductor developed four elements with independent property rights LED

2012/8/27      view:

Gansu Tianshui Tianguang semiconductor developed four element LED with independent property rights, the project realize industrialization production, the company can produce ability skylight tube core reached 60000, achieved sales revenues of 37000000 yuan, occupy the mainland China market demand of about 30%. The four element of red, orange, yellow, green high brightness light-emitting diode (LED) series of products, is mainly characterized in that under the function of the current, the electrical energy directly into light energy. Semiconductor photoelectric devices is the rapid rise in recent years, it has the advantages of small volume, light weight, low voltage, small current, high brightness and luminescence response speed etc.. In the same brightness, the power consumption is only an ordinary incandescent lamp 1/10, while life expectancy is 100 times longer, is a cold light source, ideal. Can be widely used in large screen color display, lighting, laser, multimedia display, ICD backlight source, detector, traffic signal lamp, light soldering communications, satellite communications, marine optical communication, pattern recognition and other fields. Because (LED) has the advantages of energy saving, long life, free repair, environmental protection and many other advantages, it has become one of the great potential for development in the new century electronic products. Light emitting diode (LED) belongs to the energy saving and environmental protection type products, to promote the adjustment of Gansu industrial structure, promote the development of regional economy, the high technology industry bigger and stronger, to win a place in the domestic market, has a positive role in promoting. The project conforms to the national industrial policy, the annual saving 94100000 kwh, to reduce energy consumption, protect the environment, reduce pollution emissions has important practical significance. On the Tianshui Tianguang semiconductor Tianshui Tianguang Semiconductor Co., Ltd., is specialized in the production of integrated circuits and semiconductor discrete devices high-tech enterprises. Four elements of the company recently developed by red, orange, yellow, green high brightness light-emitting diode (LED) series of products, to reach the domestic advanced level, can completely replace imported. The project by the provincial science and technology achievement and new product identification, with independent intellectual property rights, won the Gansu Province scientific and technological progress prize two, Tianshui science and technology progress award, outstanding new products in Gansu Province, the new technology award.


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